Breast Augmentation Surgery And What You Need To Know


Also called a ‘boob job’ or augmentation mammoplasty, the breast augmentation surgery usually aims to increase the size of your breasts. However, it can also make your breasts look fuller, or change the shape, and sometimes you can opt for reducing the size of your breasts instead. This all comes down to the outcome you are hoping for and why you decided to have the breast augmentation surgery. You can check out the best breast reduction in Bella Vista at Breast & Body Clinic if you are interested or you can search locally instead.

Find a good doctor for the surgery

Why has the surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgery that is usually done to make your breasts bigger, in case they are naturally smaller. However, the surgery can also restore the size and shape of your breasts after a pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss. This surgery can restore the symmetry if your breasts are asymmetrical, and it can also reconstruct breasts. However, the reconstructive breast surgery is a different topic. This surgery is designed for women who’ve gone through cancer surgery, and have had a part of their breast removed. This surgery is solely done for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, there is also the effective gynecomastia surgery in Sydney by Breast & Body Clinic, which can often be seen as breast augmentation, in case breast reduction surgery is done. It all comes down to why you want to have the surgery and what your doctor recommends.

Know what to expect

It is important that you learn more about the surgery and what you can expect. The breast augmentation surgery is different with each patient, and your doctor first needs to examine you to see whether you are a good candidate for the surgery or not. During the consultation make sure to ask your doctor about anything you are interested in when it comes to breast augmentation. Before the surgery, your doctor will give you different implant sizes to choose from, and to give you a better idea, your doctor might put different implant sizes in your bra. You should always choose an implant size that makes you feel comfortable. During the surgery, you will be asleep, but sometimes you might be awake. This mostly depends on the method your doctor wants to use, and what you agreed beforehand. Before you actually go under the knife, you should discuss possible risks, complications and other details, such as incision options, insertion and placement of the implants, and so on.

Final word

As you can see, breast augmentation is a lot more than just enhancing the size of your breasts. It all comes down to what you would like to end up with, and that is why you should start by finding a good doctor and having a proper chat. Talk to your doctor about different options and what you can expect from the surgery.

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