Can You Retest If You Fail a DOT Drug Test?


What can I do after I fail a drug test? Can I redo the test to change the results? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. If you have a job that’s regulated by the Department of Transportation, you’ll have to complete several steps before resuming work. No worries though – the Substance Abuse Professionals at ASAP are here to assist you. Read on to learn your options.

You Cannot Retest to Change the Results of the Drug Test

If you fail a drug test, you cannot retake the test to change the results. In fact, the Department of Transportation requires employees to immediately report to the testing facility after they’ve been notified to take a test. This is to ensure the results are as accurate as possible. If you were to retake the drug test several hours or days after the initial one, the results would no longer be valid.

You Will Have to Retest to Resume Safety-Sensitive Job Duties

If you fail a drug test, you’ll need to complete the Return-to-Duty process to get back to work. This involves working with a Substance Abuse Professional and completing a set of personalized steps (counseling, education, substance abuse treatment, etc.). Once these steps are complete, you’ll need to pass a drug test to return to work. This will not negate your original drug test results, but it will allow you to take on safety-sensitive job duties again.

Can You Contest a Failed Drug Test?

You can dispute a drug test if you believe you were falsely selected for drug testing or if the test yielded a false positive. However, there is no guarantee that you will overturn the results. You will still be pulled from safety-sensitive job duties while the investigation proceeds, and you’ll most likely have to take another drug test before returning to work. If the failed drug test is deemed valid, you’ll have to complete a SAP program to resume working.

How Often Will You Need Drug Testing after You Fail a Drug Test?

You’ll have to complete at least six follow-up drug tests within the first year after being released for work. This does not include the follow-up drug test you’ll take at the end of your SAP program or any random drug testing you may be subject to from your employer. If you fail the drug test at the end of the Return-to-Duty process, you’ll need to work with your SAP and complete another test later on.

Get Back to Work ASAP – Find a Substance Abuse Professional near You

If you’ve failed a drug test, our DOT-qualified Substance Abuse Professionals are here to assist you. We have over 5,000 highly-experienced SAPs across the country, and our clients have an 85% success rate at returning to work.

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