Finding the Right Orthopedic Surgeon


Choosing a medical practitioner can be quite challenging, but being able to find an excellent and caring doctor will be all worth it. It will ensure the safety and welfare of your family. It is a great idea to choose an orthopedic surgeon by asking for recommendations from friends or by looking through Healthgrades. This is an important decision that will stay with you for many years to come during your treatment, therapy, and recovery.

Are you having problems with your hands, wrists, or arms? Maybe you are feeling some numbness or pain. It’s time to find a hand doctor or orthopedic surgeon you can trust.

Choosing the right doctor may seem overwhelming. Read the following tips to make sure that you are on the right track when choosing the right orthopedic surgeon to care for your loved ones.

1. Experience matters

You may have asked friends or family, or searched for the names of doctors on a local database. With the names of a few orthopedic surgeon in hand, check their background, where they studied, where they did their internship, if they are licensed, and if they are up to date with the latest medical practices. You may also browse through testimonials online.

2. Check the comments

Before going to a movie or trying a new restaurant, you would do a Google search. You should dig a bit deeper when it comes to your orthopedic surgeon. Visit websites such as Vitals and check Facebook ratings for receiving contributions from patients.

3. Location

Choosing a nearby pediatrician is convenient especially in fighting traffic to reach the office. Add the pain and discomfort to the equation, and a 20-minute commute might seem like an hour. Get a reputable orthopedic surgeon just within your area. However, there are times where a doctor in another state is worth visiting if he has an incredible background and you are willing to stay at the said state for quite some time. Some call this a “medical holiday”.

4. Interviews

The majority of orthopedic surgeons offer interviews to meet parents and patients. This is the opportunity to ask questions, see the organization, assess the level of professionalism, and know the deadlines to obtain an appointment.

5. Medical coverage

If you have a list of orthopedic surgeon and medical coverage, make sure your visits will be covered by your insurance. Know your coverage and check beforehand if your doctor or clinic accepts it.

6. Trust Your Instincts

As a patient or a parent, if your gut instincts tip you one way or the other when it comes to personality, practice, professionalism, appointment deadlines, and education, it is better to trust it. Follow your hunches and choose an orthopedic surgeon in whom you can entrust your health and condition.

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