What Is Man Boob Reduction And How To Do It


The majority of men do not develop breast tissue as women do due to the high levels of testosterone during puberty. Some medical conditions can cause the issue of breast enlargement in men; one of them is gynecomastia.

For the treatment of gynecomastia, male breast reduction is the best. Through this cosmetic surgery, the excess fat and glandular tissue are removed so that a flatter, firmer and masculine contour can be restored to the chest. Gynecomastia can be present at any age and man boob reduction can be performed successfully on teenagers and adults. One should consider this treatment only when he is self-conscious about his appearance and avoid certain activities because of the nervousness to show his breast.

However, the majority of men have man boobs due to the excess fat on the chest. The pectoral muscles of man are underneath the fat, so by losing some fat and gaining muscles, one can get rid of man boobs. Some of the effective chest specific exercises are mentioned below.

Cable crossovers

  1. Before starting, one should select the desired weight from both the sides of the machine.
  2. Then, stand in the center of the machine and hold handles of both the sides with palms down.
  3. One should bend the body forward so that the cables line up with the chest.
  4. Cross over the arms down as one exhales and return to the starting position with an inhale.

Pec Deck Machine

It is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned exercise; the only difference is that one does not need to bend down for crossing over the hands. One should just remember that the handles should be at the same height as one’s chest.

Bench press

One should breathe in a while lifting the bar and breathe out while coming back to the position. Just remember to hold it up straight over the body.

Dietary Plans

If exercising is not helping in man boob reduction and even contributing to enlarged male breasts, then a person should focus on making some changes in their eating habits. In general, most effective dietary changes to make are ones that are small and long-lasting. However, significantly catching up with diet is seldom very difficult to maintain and can also lead to regaining the lost weight.

It is said that having a gradual weight loss is more sustainable and can also help in improving overall health. One should take this journey with making a food journal as it will help the person in cutting down the diet and check which nutrients are lacking from the diet.

Some general recommendations for reducing caloric intake include:

  • Having fruits and vegetables
  • Having low-fat cooking food
  • Choosing fruits and vegetables over dry fruits
  • Reducing the intake of unhealthy snacks and fruit juices

For man boob reduction, if one is opting for the method of reducing fat and gaining muscles, then the focus should be on chest exercises only. If possible, one should take a gym membership, as one can take advantage of several machines that are mainly for chest muscles.

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