5 Important steps to recover from Alcoholism


In order to recover from addiction you have to go literally and figuratively several steps. Unfortunately, not easy, but in retrospect and a life saved, these are perhaps the most important steps that a person addicted to alcohol must go through to live its fullness again.

Step one that is, reaching the bottom

At the outset, it should be noted that this is not a “bottom” in the common sense of the word. This concept should be treated very individually, because it can have different faces for each person.

Admitting to alcoholism

This is the most difficult step of all – admitting your weaknesses, addiction in front of you and family and friends. Such a person feels a lot of resistance and shame. It is can be simple for him to say that he is addicted, but the admitting thathe is an alcoholic do not want to pass through his throat.

Many people who have fallen into alcohol addiction find it difficult to slow down or stop this process. To do this, you first have to admit to yourself that you have a problem, that you are an alcoholic. Say it out loud to yourself. – If he is a believer, let him also confess to God and also to his loved ones.

The next step is to be aware of certain powerlessness

In this step, one thing is most important – not to fight your addiction “by force”, because it will be a losing fight in advance. In this case, therefore, you cannot forcefully stop drinking, because the addiction will come back with double strength. – Here we have to give up the fight, because if we fight alcohol, this glass will always defeat us.

You should, of course, avoid alcohol, but at the same time learn to live with it, because it is everywhere – in the store, restaurant, at a party. It is also important to change your life 180 degrees. Change habits. Not going to places where there has always been alcohol or making changes such as your way back from work.

Working on oneself and working in a group

Going to Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in mumbai, a person realizes that what important part of life he was missing all those years. It is necessary for the group we attend to know exactly when we are lying and when we are telling the truth. Rehabilitation alone is not enough. Therefore, it makes no sense to do such activities yourself because the support of others plays a key role here. The exchange of experiences in such situations is useful for each party.

In-depth therapy, then persistence

It is not only about participating in therapy. It is also about finding yourself before alcoholism. Searching or rediscovering passions and interests that we have abandoned due to alcohol. This not only helps to keep your mind off the disease. It also influences personal development, which translates into further, small successes. – Then we say to ourselves: yes, we’ve made it! If I had been drinking, I would never have gotten to that point. That is why it is so important because it helps you stay sober.

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