5 Reasons Why Krill Oil Is The Omega 3 Supplement for Brain


Many people ensure that they take fish oil supplements like clockwork on a daily basis. It is a smart idea because these supplements help most people to stay healthy and happy. If you are among them, then you might want to consider whether the supplement you are taking the best and whether Krill oil is a worthy option? You can get the answer to both these questions right here.

What’s Special About Krill Oil?

Most people who take fish oil supplements have read Omega 3 fatty acids index and its benefits which is a good thing. But the only mistake they often make is that they don’t learn about Krill oil. If you have also made such a mistake and you want to fix it then you should know that Krill oil is one of the most potent and bioavailable forms of oil that a person can buy in order to restore balance to the DHA and EPA levels. The main reason behind it is that the fatty acids present in the Krill oil aren’t in the form of triglycerides as they are in fish oil.

It is a fact that Krill oil has phospholipid forms of DHA and EPA which is more absorbable. It can survive in a wide range of temperatures and usually lasts for long. This oil also has astaxanthin in bulk which lets your body make better use of DHA and EPA. It also ensurreles that the fatty acids are not degraded.

Krill Oil for Brain

If you are now interested in the benefits offered by this extraordinary oil, then you must read on to know 5 reasons why Krill oil is the #1 Omega-3 Supplement for Brain.

Preserves Gray Matter

Gray matter starts deteriorating when we age, but according to a study, if you consume the right quantities of fish and omega-3 fatty acids and have a healthy lifestyle, you will have high levels of gray matter. The study was conducted on 260 subjects who were physically and mentally healthy and had a different race, age, size, educational background and levels of physical activity they did. The study measured the effects of weekly consumption of fish.

Neuroprotective Benefits

This oil can help in protecting the brain and enhancing the mental function. It even helps prevent the development of some of the most feared cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Studies have proven that people who have dementia and take fish oil regularly benefit from it as it slows the decline of their cognitive activity. It is possible that Krill oil would be more effective in ensuring that a person doesn’t suffer from impaired thinking.

Some other studies have proved that if people increase the levels of DHA via their diet, it will help them to avoid conditions that crop up due to DHA deficiencies like dementia and cognitive decline. Ample amounts of DHA can also play a key role in avoiding mental impairment that occurs due to diabetes or traumatic injuries.

Controls Mental Disorder Symptoms

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one in five Canadians will experience mental health challenges in any year.  It is therefore essential that Canadians do something to control symptoms of mental disorders. A simple way to do this is to consume more fish oil as studies have linked consumption of omega-3 fatty acids to a reduction in symptoms of varied mental disorders. Studies have also proven that Omega -3 might help with fighting bipolar disorder and reducing anger and anxiety.

Boosts the Mood

In an analysis of 11 studies that had details regarding several major depressive disorders, it was found that people who consume Omega-3 fatty acids had improvement in depressive symptoms. In cases where the ratio of Omega-3s included mostly EPA, there were more benefits. The results of this analysis were not dependent on the subject’s weight, age, length of trial or severity of depression.

Enhances Cognitive Performance

A study done on young adults has revealed that EPA is one of the most effective things that can improve mental health and it’s probably better than DHA. Subjects who had EPA rather than DHA had the better reaction time, an increase in the right precentral gyrus and a reduction in the activation of the left anterior cingulate cortex. It means subjects who had EPA were able to have a better functioning brain while exerting less effort. Krill oil has also been linked to demonstrate similar effects as compared to other fish oil variety.


Krill oil is really a good choice for people looking to have a sharper brain as they age and those who wish to avoid metal health issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is slightly better than other fish oil options and if you want to improve your cognitive abilities by trusting a natural source, you should buy a krill oil supplement today.

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