How to Handle Skin Breakouts Due to Stress


The pandemic has brought about so many changes in everyday life, the schedules have changed, the timelines of waking up and sleeping is a blur and practically life has turned upside down! But one of the most notable things you realize is the increased levels of stress because of uncertainty. From time to time, this has an effect on our skin.

One unnecessary pimple on the forehead or some marks that won’t fade, it’s a sad reality that the skin seems to be having a tough time adjusting to the stress of the pandemic, people everywhere seem to be complaining how breakouts are becoming a common sight. Visiting a dermatologist for a check-up is also a risk, no one wishes to take thanks to this pandemic. The role of digital healthcare has never been more important. You can chat with a dermatologist to figure out your skin type and its tendencies.

Here are some of the reasons as to why your skin might be breaking out:


The factor that we’re very well aware of, in a pandemic who can remain calm? Work-life balance has become a blur and every time you step out of the house, there are so many thoughts that circle your mind. It’s very normal to be worried in such a situation, in a time where everything seems to be going downhill, staying positive can really be a challenge. Stress is said to be one of the biggest reasons why breakouts happen in the first place, it can be anything ranging from work stress or induced anxiety that can cause your skin to break out badly. Stress also tends to lower your oestrogen levels which spike up your androgen making your face break out more. So stay relaxed and remember to take healthy breaks in between work.

Hydrate yourself

another big reason as to why your skin might be breaking out is the lack of water in your body. It is so important to hydrate yourself, water has several health benefits but the one thing that really helps your skin is it flushes out toxins from your body. Most people have the tendency to forget to drink water during the day, you can keep a bottle of water close and take sips from it regularly even if you’re not thirsty, this will remind your body automatically to drink enough water.

Increased Consumption of alcohol and smoking

It’s better to put that glass of wine away and find better ways to de-stress, maybe try yoga or meditation, this could significantly help reduce stress levels and make your mind stay calm. Increasing your consumption of alcohol and smoking can really lead to breakouts on your skin so be mindful of when and how much alcohol you consume.

Lack of sleep

The stress during the pandemic has truly made us all nocturnal creatures sitting and binging shows with no end, catching up on everything we’ve missed during the day. Even though this could become a habit, the body will completely forget it’s sleep pattern which can be harmful for you. You may not realize it at the moment but your skin shows the signs. Losing out on sleep is one of the biggest reasons unwanted pimples and acne start appearing. Be aware of how long you’re staying up and set a bedtime for yourself, follow it for 21 days and then eventually your body will fall asleep in the designated time.

Eating unhealthy

Lethargy can get the best of us to just slump and order in every day, this is not only bad for your skin but also your body gets unhealthier by the day. So try to cook at home often and include greens in your meals to have lesser breakouts.

The Skin is one of the most fragile parts of your body, in order for it to be healthy and supple, you have to take proper care of it, maintaining a good skincare routine can do wonders for your skin. Take care of yourself during the lockdown and stay healthy! In order to know more about what can help your skin, chat with a dermatologist!

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