Sports and Root Canal: Protecting Your Teeth During Physical Activities


Sports and physical activity participation is a great method to keep fit and active. However, it’s simple to forget the possible threats to your dental health in the midst of all the excitement. Sports-related sudden collisions or accidents can result in tooth injuries, some of which are serious enough to need root canal therapy.

In this article, we’ll discuss the value of guarding your teeth while exercising, typical sports-related dental injuries, and vital advice for keeping your smile healthy after getting a root canal treatment in Kolkata.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

A procedure called single sitting RCT may be necessary if your tooth is seriously decayed or infected. This dental technique has the potential to keep the tooth. A broken or chipped tooth may occasionally become infected inside, where there are nerves and blood arteries. In order to prevent further infection, the inside of the tooth is cleaned, the contaminated material is removed, and the tooth is then sealed. It’s a crucial operation since it can save you from having to have your tooth out.

Avoiding Bad Practices

Avoiding certain practices that might harm your teeth and raise the risk of dental injury is crucial. Examples include chewing on pen caps or opening items with your teeth. To avoid needless dental discomfort, encourage yourself and your colleagues to abstain from these dangerous activities.

Importance of Wearing Mouthguards

Wearing a mouthguard after a root canal treatment, especially when playing sports, is very important. Custom-fitted mouthguards are especially helpful since they provide a cushioning effect that reduces the risk of oral injuries and absorbs the force of facial strikes. It’s crucial to remember that mouthguards may help everyone who participates in physical activity, even if they are particularly important for athletes playing contact sports.

The Best Mouthguard to Use

To select the mouthguard that best meets your needs, it is crucial to speak with your dentist. Stock mouthguards, boil-and-bite mouthguards, and customs mouthguards are the three main varieties. The finest fit, comfort, and protection are offered by custom mouthguards since they are made especially to fit the contours of your teeth.

Dental Injuries in Sports

It’s significant to know that sports-related oral injuries can range in severity. Even while non-contact sports like gymnastics and cycling can be dangerous owing to falls and accidents, contact sports like football, hockey, and basketball have a larger risk of injury. Any physical activity should be done with the appropriate safety measures in place to safeguard your teeth.

Other Preventive Measures

It’s essential to obtain advice from your dentist when choosing the best mouthguard for your requirements when it comes to protecting your teeth during sports or other activities. There are three primary categories to take into account: pre-made mouthguards, boil-and-bite mouthguards, and custom mouthguards.

Out of all of them, custom mouthguards provide the best comfort and fit since they are made to precisely match the unique shape of your teeth. They not only offer the best possible protection, but they also guarantee that you may speak and breathe normally while wearing them. So, if you want a mouthguard that is designed to meet your unique needs, talk to your dentist and get a custom mouthguard after receiving root canal treatment in Harinavi.


Being a sports fan, it’s important to put our oral health first when exercising. If dental injuries are not addressed, they may necessitate RCT procedures, which can be painful and necessitate extensive dental work.

We can dramatically lower the risk of dental harm and retain our gorgeous teeth for years to come by wearing mouthguards, utilizing helmets and faceguards, and practising good oral hygiene. Remember to visit your dentist periodically to make sure your teeth are healthy and you may participate in your favourite sports without worrying. Keep smiling and be safe!


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