Here is how to ensure your supplement manufacturing partner adheres to the best practices


Given the frequency of recalls, it might be challenging for businesses to launch new supplements on the market. A single product recall can ruin a business’s hard-won reputation. The good news is that you can protect your brandby ensuring that your contract manufacturer follows best practices, methods, and procedures.

Bringing products from concept to market

Understanding that producing a product is only one aspect of the puzzle when introducing a new supplement is crucial. Selecting ingredients for your new product must be the first step in ensuring quality control throughout the entire process.

It’s not unusual for the raw materials industry to become overrun by low-quality knockoffs as a hot new ingredient gains popularity. These imitation ingredients could seem inexpensive, but they might be of poor quality, diluted, or fake. The only way to know is to choose and vet ingredients using strict scientific criteria.

A supplement manufacturer or marketer should only purchase ingredients from equally trustworthy suppliers to safeguard their reputation. And that’s only the beginning. Manufacturers must thoroughly analyze all supporting documentation and conduct extensive analytical testing on substances to ensure their validity, identity, potency, and purity, even when dealing with reliable suppliers. A thorough testing process guarantees that neither the ingredients nor your final product will include undeclared allergens, pollutants, or contaminants.

Regulatory compliance

Ensuring the product complies with all regulatory compliance requirements is another essential step in preventing recalls. When launching nutritional supplements on the market, the manufacturer must be knowledgeable about all applicable domestic and international regulations. The manufacturer should be able to offer its clients supporting documentation to guarantee that products will adhere to the rules in their target market. This informational material should comprise complete product specifications, dietary data, certificates of free sale, and regulatory statements.

Supplement labeling

Unintentional labeling is one of the issues supplement marketers encounter. The product label is the consumer’s first impression; any representations must be valid and accurate. Experienced supplement manufacturers will check their customers’ labels’ correctness and ensure they comply with legal criteria.

It is crucial to remember that if the information is absent or misplaced on a label, it could result in regulatory or civil action. As a result, it pays to carefully plan out your labels upfront. Additionally, a trustworthy contract manufacturer will work with customers to ensure that only the most recent, FDA-approved label versions are utilized and that any previous versions are destroyed under FDA regulations.

Safeguarding your brand

The key objective for the supplement marketer should be to safeguard its name and reputation from the concept stage through product formulation and labeling. You should take all essential precautions to secure your company from making errors that could result in class action lawsuits or issues with merchants. Because of this, you must always work with a supplement manufacturer who places a high priority on legal compliance and accurate labeling. You will benefit from this relationship by having peace of mind when you launch your new product.

The bottom line

Working with a respected manufacturer strengthens your supplement business and guarantees your clients are happy and safe.

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