Traditional Chinese Medicine From Birth To Today


The Birth of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese medicine is acknowledged to have begun around the second century BC, with the initial logs of its methods dating to this era. However, a number of practices such as acupuncture is believed to have been practised as far back as the stone ages. Nonetheless, the version of traditional Chinese medicine we know today is based on 3 fundamental texts that are central to all of its practices.

  • The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing)
  • Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu)
  • The Treatise On Cold Injuries (ShanghanLun)

These 3 texts provide the central principals of the TCM which consist of concepts of Yin & Yang, the 5 elements of nature and Qi. Additionally, they provide the information of approximately 1,800 medicinal drugs with images along with 11,000 prescriptions can be found. Each recommended natural herb contained information on its type, form, taste, properties and suggested technique of application.

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Meridians & Qi

To achieve balance in the body, TCM relies upon 2 main ideas.

To start with, the principle of Qi, which is likewise called your body’s vital energy. TCM tells us that Qi circulates around your body using paths which are called meridians. According to this concept, when the flow of qi is blocked, excessive or weak, health problems will arise. Because of this, TCM treatments commonly concentrate on maintaining the meridians open and stimulating the right amount of Qi circulation within the body.

Second of all, the concept of 2 kinds of Qi, particularly yin and yang. Yin Qi can be referred to as dark, chilly and negative while Yang Qi is light, warmish and positive. TCM explains that the equilibrium between these 2 types of Qi is key. Comparable to the phrase: “too much of a good thing is bad”, having way too much of 1 sort of Qi will induce your body to develop into imbalance.

Contemporary TCM

Apprehensions regarding the risk-free usage of TCM items have plagued it in western countries for many years. People have understandably been cautious about buying and consuming herbs because of the concern of unforeseen side effects or outright scamming.

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Yet, contemporary TCM products have taken many steps to reassuring consumers. This includes being and undertaking rigorous examinations generated under really stringent conditions. In fact, many of these products come packaged in tidy containers and in pill form. Consequently, they are both simple and clean to consume.

How you can Start Receiving TCM?

When you initially see a TCM expert, she or he will assess your circumstance in its entire context. This includes examining your tongue, taking your pulse & temperature level and examining your skin. From the evaluation, the TCM specialist will be able to determine any discrepancies in your body. After which, he or she will prescribe therapies that aid to rebalance elements that are extreme and replenish that which is lacking.

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