What dose of CBD is recommended by studies?


When talking about the dosage of CBD in oil, the guides of countries where it is regulated by the Government, always advise starting with small amounts and gradually increasing them depending on the physical characteristics, the needs of the person and the product concentration.  If we start with a 10% oil, the recommendation ranges from 1 drop/day from 11 kilograms, if we are talking about minor ailments.  But if we are dealing with serious ailments, the recommendation would be 11 drops for people over 220 pounds.

If you already have an oil with a concentration of 5% CBD at home, for example, the doses are different. The way to distribute the dose depends on each person: for some it works better to use the drops before going to sleep especially if they are used for sleep problems and others prefer to divide it into three uses throughout the day morning , afternoon and evening. Remember that CBD is a totally safe substance, according to the WHO: do not be afraid to experiment with your moments of use until you find what works best for you ao buy genuine products at Budpop.

Another option is that you have bought a spray oil.  Do not worry.  You just have to know that each press equals 3 drops.  This system has a drawback: the circumstances in which you want to apply a smaller amount than what comes out in each spray or if the amount to be used is not a multiple of 3. On the other hand, it is a convenient and clean possibility to  have CBD in oil at home or if you are going to use it topically.

As a precaution, the Food Standards Agencyadvises that a healthy adult with an average weight of 70 kilograms should not use more than 70 mg per day, about 28 drops of 5% CBD.

Do you have doubts about the intensity of your problem?

This is the answer we recommend, depending on the issue you want to address.

 Anxiety – Moderate to high

 Arthritis – Moderate to severe

 Chronic pain – Moderate to high

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Moderate to High

 Increase your general well-being – Mild

 Muscle recovery – Mild to moderate

 Nausea – Mild to moderate

 Menstrual pain or associated disorders – Moderate to high

 Insomnia – Moderate to high

 Helps with weight loss – Mild to moderate

Choose products without preservatives.  CBD oil does not need them.  Their properties remain intact without the need to add them and, without the possible risk of their properties being modified.  Also, if you are vegan, you can use the CBD in oil with confidence.

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