BMI Calculator: Calculate Your Body Mass Index, Find Ideal BMI for Men and Women


A person’s Body Mass Index, or BMI, measures their weight in relation to their height. BMI is a fantastic place to start, even if it is not the only factor people should consider while enhancing their health and fitness. You must be aware of your height and weight in order to calculate your BMI, which you can do easily with a BMI calculator.

BMI calculator

Your body mass index can be calculated using a BMI calculator online or offline.

Your overall body weight, which also includes the amount of body fat, is referred to as your “body mass.” To establish if you are within a normal weight range, underweight, or overweight, you can calculate your BMI.

A number of health problems have been connected to both high and low BMIs, particularly as you age. In terms of medicine, having a high BMI is not always a problem.

It ought to be taken into account along with other health indicators.

Calculating BMI

To calculate BMI, follow these simple steps. Using a handheld calculator or online BMI calculators on websites or applications, you can figure out your own body mass index.

Divide your kilogramme weight by the square of your height in metres to arrive at the solution on your own. The BMI results will also show up on your screen if you enter your height and weight into a website or app.

Ideal BMI for Men

Numerous health issues might develop as a result of being overweight. It’s likely that you have either too much fat for your height and weight or too little fat. If you feel lethargic or short on energy, you probably have too much fat for your height and weight. It’s helpful to calculate your body mass index, or BMI, to see if you are overweight or obese. Therefore, one may use the body mass index to roughly determine how much body fat a person has, using their height and weight as a starting point. In addition to height and weight, each person’s optimum BMI differs based on a variety of other characteristics.

Ideal BMI for Women

The question of whether there is a suggested BMI for men and women is the same. It’s impossible to determine the ideal BMI number however Doctors consider a moderate BMI for women to be 18.5–24.9. BMI, often known as body mass index, is essentially a measurement of your body fat percentage in relation to your height. Less than 18.5 is regarded as underweight, 25 to 29 is regarded as overweight, and above 29 is regarded as obese. BMI ranges between 18.5 and 24.9.

Ideal BMI for Children

Estimates of optimum body weight and BMI for children vary from those for adults. This is because children’s body fat percentage changes as they get older.

According to WebMD, the accepted method for calculating BMI in children is to multiply the result by 703 after dividing the child’s weight and height in metres squared. Depending on a child’s age and gender, different BMIs are ideal for them.

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