Can Dental Mercury Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?


Losing your memory or not being able to function as you used to before is something that many people fear. While there are many causes associated with the common old age Alzheimer disease, the big question is, does dental mercury used in dental procedures cause it too?

Well, there are emergency times when you will need a dentist, and truth be told, most of us simply go in without doing any research. Dental mercury is something that has been used in dental procedures for quite a long time now, but it has become a controversial topic lately.

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Many people have had dental procedures done to them, especially dental fillings, to help one deal with dental cavities and avoid tooth decay. One of the most common materials used in the procedure is the silver fillings, otherwise known as amalgam fillings. However, it is important to note that in as much as they are known as silver fillings, they are not made out of silver only. In fact, silver constitutes about 32% of the end product only. These fillings contain a large amount of mercury, about 50%, which is said to be toxic to human health.  With that said, let us dig deeper into it.

Are mercury fillings poisonous?

As it is, high amounts of mercury are very toxic in our bodies. However, small amounts of mercury exposure have been found to have no adverse effects as such. Studies are still ongoing, especially when it comes to the effects of using dental mercury in dental procedures. However, previous studies have shown that there are chances that mercury fillings can be associated with memory loss in old age, especially with people above 65 years of age. It is, therefore, a point of concern if the use of dental mercury is actually safe or not. But why use mercury anyway? Well, mercury is used in silver fillings as it helps it become flexible, hardens faster, and withstands the pressure of chewing over the years. Also, compared to other types of fillings, it is very budget-friendly.

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When you get a silver filling as part of your treatment, it means that with time some of the mercury components are released into your body in the form of mercury vapor. When you chew food, for instance, it is approximated that about 2-20 micrograms of mercury are released into your system. Additionally, Chewing gum is estimated to release a higher amount of mercury vapor into the body. However, according to the FDA, their research shows that dental mercury used in amalgam fillings is actually safe for adults as well as children aged six years and above.

Bottom Line

The dental industry has advanced exponentially, all thanks to technology. Given the possibility that there are chances that dental mercury may, in the long run, cause Alzheimer’s disease, you have the option of exploring other alternative options. Talk to your trusted dentist and discuss the best option that would be suitable for your treatment.

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