Guide to the glow


It is easier to look all radiant and luminous on Instagram, after all, it is all a matter of picking a filter. However, the reality is slightly more convoluted.

We often forget that our skin is our organ, and it is influenced by our internal environment, and not just the topical treatment.

Our diet is very important; what we eat well, we look well as well. Our gastric health especially plays a vital role in our skin’s wellbeing.

However, there are external factors that are beyond one control as well. Our skin is affected by the pollution in the air. Bacteria settles on the skin, causing problems like acne, that then having you rushing for your Skin Specialist.

Similarly, genetics also play an important part in our skin’s glow, or lack thereof. Thus, in light of so many variables, ensuring a naturally glowing skin is near impossible. That does not mean that luminous is not within your grasp!

Quick ways to glow

Even though getting the glow is hard, there are shortcuts to faux glow as well. Following are some tips to give you the glow, despite the problems:

Enjoy upside down

You must have heard people doing headstands for improved hair growth. But bending over to focus the blood flow to head is also good for facial skin as well.

When you hang your head upside down, gravity takes over and blood rushes to the face. This not only makes the skin rosy, but also, as cells are supplied with oxygen and other vital nutrients, their health improves as well. This manifests as better complexion then.

However, stick to a couple of minutes only as it is dangerous otherwise.

Foundation for the win

You can also get faux glow with some cosmetic maneuver. You can add luminizer or liquid highlighter to your foundation. You can also slather on highlighter directly to the skin, followed by a thin layer of foundation, so to give an impression of glowing skin.


Exfoliation is your best friend, if you want your skin to glow. However, if overdone or done incorrectly, it can backfire as well.

Since our facial skin is delicate, using abrasive exfoliants like sugar etc. is not the correct approach. Instead, opt for chemical exfoliants, that gently remove the layer of dead cells holding your complexion back.

Dab on some highlighter

Highlighters, when done tastefully, can give impression of glowing and radiant skin. Invest in good quality highlighters that are subtle but impactful. Apply to your cheekbones, above the eyebrows, done the tip of the nose.

However, do not neglect your collar bones. When applied to the beauty bones, the highlighter gives a more genuine impression of you having a flawless and glowing skin.

Face massage

Not only is face massage super relaxing, but it also helps in improving circulation to the face. As blood flows to the face, our cells are nourished as well. This is not the only reason why face massage is great.

If you follow the massage with a serum, it is better absorbed into the skin. Moreover, since it gives you a rosy glow, makeup followed by a massage also adds an extra oomph to your looks.

Microcurrent maybe?

Microcurrent technology is based around sending low-voltage current to the skin, to mimic natural currents in the body. These then promote collagen and elastin in the skin; these are skin proteins that keep it looking plump and youthful.

Even though there are many microcurrent devices that allow you to get an on-the-go microcurrent treatment, it is still suggested that you instead visit the Best Skin specialist in Karachi as Clinical treatment is more effective rather than the hand-held designs.

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