Philips CPAP Lawsuit: Why You Should Hire A Plaintiff’s Lawyer


Philips recalled millions of CPAP, Bi-PAP, and mechanical ventilators manufactured before April 2021. These devices had a design defect in them, which posed a significant threat to the users.

If your life has been put at risk by Philips, you’re eligible to file a CPAP lawsuit against the medical device maker. Contact Shouse Law Group to know more and let their experts review your case.

Philips is a well-known brand. Many of our favorite devices are made by Philips. However, the company has caused a lot of chaos due to this one mistake. Now, millions of users are filing lawsuits and claiming compensation.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

Some may think they can fight these cases alone, but such cases are more complex than one might imagine. Below are some reasons why hiring a lawyer is a wise choice.

1. You don’t know the legalities in detail.

The law system is pretty big and complicated. It is not something you can read about on Google and learn in a few days. If you’re not a skilled lawyer, it is pretty impossible to win a case like this. Even some lawyers do not represent themselves in courts and hire someone else.

2. Lawyers can challenge evidence.

The opposition will do everything to win. They can even bring up evidence against you that may seem accurate but isn’t. Lawyers’ high-level training can tell when a piece of evidence is false or when a statement contradicts another.

3. Precaution is better than cure.

Filing a lawsuit, hiring a lawyer, attending hearings- all this may look like a hassle to you. In the end, it is worth it. A lawyer can get you the compensation that can pay your medical bills and cover your other losses. In the case of no lawyer, you have better chances of losing than winning, resulting in you drowning in financial debts.

4. The opposition probably has a lawyer on their side.

Fighting a case on your own and representing yourself is not worth it when the opposition has an expert on their side. It is almost definite that the opposition will win. The opposition can easily take advantage of the fact that you are alone.

Therefore, it is recommended that a person who does not have a law degree should always consult a lawyer to fight a case. There are better chances of winning, and your lawyer will try their best to get you the highest compensation.

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