Taking Care of Your Fort Myers Contact Lenses for Eye Health


The prescription for your contact lenses is not the same as your eyeglass prescription. You can only obtain the right contact lenses with professional consulting and accurate fitting. Besides, the information contained in your prescription for eyeglasses, the prescription for your contact lenses will contain the following-

  1. Information that specified the central curve of the back surface for the lens.
  2. The diameter for the contact lens.
  3. The name of the manufacturer and the specific brand name for the lens.

Note, since your contact lens rests directly on your eye, its strength differs from the prescription given to you for your eyeglasses.

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Maintenance and care for your Fort Myers Contact Lenses

When you have been given a prescription for Fort Myers contact lenses, you should consult a qualified professional to know how to correct care for and maintain them. The correct pair of contact lenses is essential for eye health. The best method for you to prevent infection is to strictly follow the instructions prescribed by your doctor. Given below are some general maintenance and care tips your doctor will recommend for your contact lens-

  1. Ensure you wash your hands properly and dry them completely before you handle your contact lens.
  2. The soap you use to wash your hands should be free from perfumes, oil, or lotions.
  3. Use a lint-free soft towel to dry your hands.
  4. Use your fingertips to handle the lens. Do not use a sharp object like tweezers or your fingernails to handle your contact lenses.
  5. Ensure to check the condition of the contact lens before you insert it into your eye. The lens should be free from damage, clean and moist. Never insert a lens that is damaged into your eye.

Besides the above recommendations, your doctor will advise you to follow all the instructions written on the product’s package. The specific care for contact lens depends on its type and the cleaning solution recommended to you by your doctor. In order to have a hassle-free and comfortable experience with your contact lens, you must replace them at regular intervals after consulting your doctor. Whenever you care for your contact lens, ensure you use a fresh solution always.

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Make sure you clean your Fort Myers contact lenses with fresh solution every time you take them off. Never add an extra solution that is more than what is on the top of your case. Never use tap water or saliva to clean your lens. Always stick to the prescribed wearing schedule as per your doctor’s recommendation. Never stretch your contact lens beyond the period of its intended use. If you wear disposable contact lenses, do not wear them for more than a day. In case you face irritation after you wear the contact lens, remove them immediately, and consult your doctor for further advice. Never share your contact lenses with anyone. Last but not least, always refill your case with a new solution instead of pouring a solution on top of what is already present inside your case.

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